The Team Classic Pack

Bringing back the early days of Tekkit Classic in a brand new jacket. Experience the mods you know and love in a brand new modpack experience!

We’re gathering all the passionate modded Minecraft members who love to make awesome factories, play with the magic of Thaumcraft and all the most from back in the day that you love!

Would like to play the pack and join our awesome community then hit that ‘Play Now’ button in the menu above, download the pack and join our server! – Please note that you have the assign atleast 5GB RAM to the modpack through the Technic Launcher!

If you have any questions, problems or just wanna share your awesome factories/bases? Come join our awesome community over at Discord: or use the Discord module in the sidebar!

We’ve launched!

Placed by: Jerome97 on Thursday 29th of October 2020

We are super excited to have finally launched the official The Team Classic Pack server! We invite everyone to come join us and play together with your friends on the server.

We are very open to feedback, comments and or suggestions on how we can improve the modpack and server. I’ve already seen a lot of faces on the server and can’t wait to see more new ones in the very near future!

Start up The Team Classic Pack, head over to Multiplayer enter the server IP: – and join us!